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    SOPPCB provides customers with flexible circuit boards, including single sided FPC, double sided FPC, multilayer FPC as well as rigid-flex boards for a variety of products and equipments as followings:

    Cellular Phone                         

    Notebook Computer  

    Digital Camera

    Laser Printer

    Motor Controller

    IC Testing Equipment

    Weapons Guidance Systems

    Printer Head Cables

    Laser Systems Controller

    Disk Drive

    Computer Modem Interconnect

    Photographic Systems

    Airborne Navigational Equipment

    Medical Diagnostic Equipment



    SOPPCB FPC surface treatment:           

    Hot Air Leveling (H.A.L) 


    Tin/Lead Plating

    Ni/Au Plating

    Immersion Gold

    Immersion Tin

    Tin Plating


                                   FLEX PCB FABRICATION PROCESS     


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