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    Following strictly the IPC-A-610 requirements for either leaded or RoHS compliant PCBA production, SOPPCB offer:

    1.      SMT(Surface MountTechnology) Assembly

    2.      DIP(Dual In-line Package) Assembly

    3.      BGA(Ball Grid Array) Assembly

    4.      COB(Chip-on-Board) Assembly

    5.      OEM Assembly 

    6.      Reliability Testing



    The following data should be needed for PCBA:

    1) BOM List (Bill of Materiel)

    2) Gerber files & Stencil files

    3) Components provided or Requirements for Sourcing in local market

    4) Assembly drawing for our assembly reference

    5) It will be best if assembled sample board could be provided

    6) Testing notes

    7) Estimated order quantity

    8) If possible, please send us one assembled sample board for reference 





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